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Audi A8 Sports Executive Quattro

The Audi A8 Sports Executive Quattro is Audi’s largest luxury saloon, an impressive all-rounder !!!!

This is still Audi’s flagship, even if it’s no longer the most expensive car the company makes, and as such, it must showcase the technology that the brand hopes will lift it clear of its two closest German competitors.
It’s structure is lighter yet more rigid and it’s faster yet more fuel efficient. Top executives, Audi promises, will also find it has a wider breath of abilities than its rivals: where a Mercedes S-Class is all about luxury and a Jaguar XJ about driving dynamics, this A8, we’re told, has a multi-faceted personality that can be all things to all boardrooms. And it’ll reward you in the driveway as much as it will in the drive home. Most of all, they say, it’ll be a car that you’re not only impressed by but one that you can also fall in love with.

The rest of the A8 experience is luxury personified, with everything from the headlights to the seat belts programmable to your mood. It’s hard to pick one highlight alone. Maybe the effortless ease of the silky-smooth 8-speed tiptronic automatic gearbox with its steering wheel paddles and ‘Drive’ or ‘Sport’ shift programs. Or perhaps the supple ride delivered by the multi-link air suspension. Then there’s the awesome refinement delivered by the whisper-quiet TDI engine (a slight rumble on start-up is the only diesel give-away) and the double-glazed glass. Though this isn’t quite the most rewarding driver’s car in its sector, all these things are factors in its status as arguably the most complete one.

This A8 is an impressive achievement, with this 3.0 TDI Quattro model the best all-round choice in the line-up. It features the manufacturer’s famous Quattro four-wheel drive system, as well as Audi Drive Select, which allows the driver to switch between different setups to make the car sportier or more comfortable depending on how it’s being used. As it should be, this is a showcase for the Audi’s best and most advanced technologies. Aluminium construction, Quattro all-wheel-drive, advanced diesel engine and mind-boggling hi-tech features – they’re all there and they come together with classy design and robust build quality to create a formidable motorcar.

As we’ve come to expect from Audi, the interior of the car is well designed and the fit and finish are both excellent. Come to the boot and there’s plenty of space for several suitcases in the A8, as well as plenty of storage spaces dotted around the inside of the car.

We’re guessing that a significant number would find this Audi a better all-round choice. Hugely capable, innovative, beautifully built and able better than any rival to alter its dynamic character to your driving mood, this is the car that rivals always feared Audi would build. And if you’re in this market, it’s one you need to try.

Saying that, we are happy to offer the Luxury Audi A8 Sport Executive Quattro to our customers.

Key Features:

  • Quattro all-wheel drive
  • Diamond Quilted black leather seats
  • Sat Nav & BOSE sound system
  • Heated, Sports Seats.
  • 360 cameras and park distance control.
  • Air Conditioning.


Seconds 0-60mph: 5.9
Top Speed mph: 155
BHP: 246
Torque: 550Nm / 406 ft-lb